Top 5 Among Us Animations V
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Among Us: If The Impostor Had Ice Powers
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Ethan Hudson
Ethan Hudson 16 часов назад
I forget how long ago I saw this. I still remember it though. Good to find it once more.
WHISKEY🥃 16 часов назад
this is the most powerful imposter created by rahul so far ngl
Kaleb Crisp
Kaleb Crisp 16 часов назад
Alternate title: If the imposter was a Galvanic Mechamorph
Kian tayeb
Kian tayeb 16 часов назад
Caleb Press
Caleb Press 16 часов назад
i love how yellow tried to emergency meeting instead of reporting the body.
Bayron Rosero
Bayron Rosero 16 часов назад
Hey fire red impostor vs ice cyan impostor and red win
That Cannibal Teacher
That Cannibal Teacher 17 часов назад
Haunt the house game ?!
Silas games
Silas games 17 часов назад
AM - 02HJ 915874 Kindree PS
AM - 02HJ 915874 Kindree PS 17 часов назад
he is the skeld
Asus Rog
Asus Rog 17 часов назад
0:46 LOL
Hadil l'adorable
Hadil l'adorable 17 часов назад
The imposteur hé is like i god
Dante Alejandro Villalobos Alvarez
Dante Alejandro Villalobos Alvarez 17 часов назад
Finally the impostor survived, i think
Biscut 17 часов назад
If imposter can control crewmates
Masab Asim
Masab Asim 17 часов назад
Love your videos keep up the good work
Boss Of Epicness
Boss Of Epicness 17 часов назад
Plot twist:white comes and teleports everyone to another map
Asus Rog
Asus Rog 17 часов назад
1:14 the creeper should die from a fall
Helix 17 часов назад
This one might have the most creative kills yet!
Leyon'Dre 17 часов назад
This is exactly why red is sus lol😂😂
NobodyREE 17 часов назад
Basiccaly the impostor is a God on the skeld, lmao
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin 17 часов назад
Can he control lava?
Ugini Opaka
Ugini Opaka 18 часов назад
COOLEST power yet! This could be a whole movie! SUBSCRIIIIIIIBE!!!!
Matias Robles
Matias Robles 18 часов назад
Fabián Verny
Fabián Verny 18 часов назад
Chickenlover19 18 часов назад
Among us but the imposter is God
Beatriz Vitoria Sousa de Oliveira
Beatriz Vitoria Sousa de Oliveira 18 часов назад
Дмитрий Вотяков
Дмитрий Вотяков 18 часов назад
Part 2 pllllllllllllllllls
Zilnete Gonçalves
Zilnete Gonçalves 18 часов назад
thx for following my comment flash in rahul
Henry Fan FOREVER 18 часов назад
lDEA 18 часов назад
Fffgrr frdgfrg oro HAPPY
Shreyas Nair
Shreyas Nair 18 часов назад
Hence, red was the imposter 😂
Lety Zelaya
Lety Zelaya 19 часов назад
Awesome animation
Gabriel Seijue Dela Cruz
Gabriel Seijue Dela Cruz 19 часов назад
I thought red was going to losr
Sandy_Gamer 19 часов назад
red was totally an executioner
Athif Aslam
Athif Aslam 19 часов назад
0:31 Impostor does a task wat
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 19 часов назад
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 19 часов назад
Fantastic 👌💕💞💗
Pedro Henrique Setubal Sbano
Pedro Henrique Setubal Sbano 19 часов назад
Brooify 19 часов назад
500th comment
Ana beatriz medrado
Ana beatriz medrado 19 часов назад
Very nice 😎😎😎👍👍👍👏👏👏
No Visor
No Visor 19 часов назад
the black is like NANI?!
Melany Hinojosa
Melany Hinojosa 19 часов назад
Евгений Алесенко
Евгений Алесенко 19 часов назад
666тыщ просмотров
Houdq Nekkach
Houdq Nekkach 19 часов назад
Next water power plz😭
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 19 часов назад
“Among Us But The Impostor Is The Master Of Puppets.”
game mg
game mg 19 часов назад
Julián Yamil Orihuela Gutiérrez
Julián Yamil Orihuela Gutiérrez 19 часов назад
Can you do an impostor with food powers?
FellSwap Papyrus
FellSwap Papyrus 19 часов назад
[casually makes a vent using bones]
Game Studio
Game Studio 19 часов назад
Do this on all maps!
Jad gamer Horror
Jad gamer Horror 19 часов назад
Next 100 red vs 100 blue
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson 19 часов назад
Well That Would Be Impossible
In Sook Lee
In Sook Lee 19 часов назад
Rotom!! Where did my imposter among us robot go? - blue, 2020 - 2021, before he was tragically killed
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 19 часов назад
Wooow 👌💙💜
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Wow ☝️💕♥️💥
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Fantastic 👌💕💞💗❤️
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Fantastic ☝️😏
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Wowwwwww 👌❤️
SamKay 20 часов назад
I'm little messed in the head right now but I'd ask that Impostor, "Why stop there? You could get so much more creative than that."
Fox Girl
Fox Girl 20 часов назад
Imposter is Zuko today lol
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Wowwwwww 👌❤️
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Fantastic ☝️😏
Davide Sardina
Davide Sardina 20 часов назад
Woww hahaha (θ‿θ)
Gacha._.paigeh 20 часов назад
0:18 is he kidnapped?
Uzui Tengen - Demon AU
Uzui Tengen - Demon AU 20 часов назад
my heart skipped a beat when i saw a full on skeleton on yellow
Jill Urbon
Jill Urbon 20 часов назад
Make it a crew mate
The Piano Kid
The Piano Kid 20 часов назад
Lol imagine if he touch a banana then his color change to the new color: "banana"
a bullet ant
a bullet ant 20 часов назад
Me about to make r34 among us art: