Among Us: If the Impostor Could Multiply Himself

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Flash in Rahul

19 дней назад

Oh...I forgot that these beans wear spacesuits and the gas won't affect them...Ahh, who cares.

Coca Friend
Coca Friend Час назад
No one: Not a single soul: Me: camera in electric and storage
idk lol
idk lol 16 часов назад
nico collin
nico collin 17 часов назад
give the crewmates a chance
Alfie Greenwood
Alfie Greenwood 18 часов назад
Red:multiples Personal:scp 173 keter update flash backs:
ThatBearwithasmile 20 часов назад
Why does this have 1 mil veiws but Flash does not have 1 mil subscribers?
ThatBearwithasmile 20 часов назад
Luis Espanol
Luis Espanol 20 часов назад
Tan rojo estaba haciendo trampa con todos los companeros de tripulacion al final por ese saludo a su muerte
Tiger Lover 285
Tiger Lover 285 20 часов назад
Impostor does that thing form naruto.
Nguyên Bảo Trang A
Nguyên Bảo Trang A 22 часа назад
I’m going red and I’m imposter
Ernests Malejs
Ernests Malejs 23 часа назад
JAY-R MORALES День назад
why is always red
Pé Ty TV Chanel 's
Pé Ty TV Chanel 's День назад
Pem Sekongขมืมื่
Pem Sekongขมืมื่ День назад
Findi Fadhil
Findi Fadhil День назад
He could be easy to be an impostor
I'm the impostor
I'm the impostor День назад
0:57 What a brutal kill
Vl Pc
Vl Pc 2 дня назад
Hazel Virtudes
Hazel Virtudes 2 дня назад
Noè Schaeffer
Noè Schaeffer 2 дня назад
If you think about it, orange was more of an impostor than red because he killed more people.
Ernesto Vidal Gonzalez
Ernesto Vidal Gonzalez 2 дня назад
when ur at elec woth 4 ppl but there are 3 impostors: I'm in danger. the 3 imps: fighting for eho kills u u: leves and calls a meeting. the 3 impd: Oh noo.
Depi Putri
Depi Putri 2 дня назад
Jatupont Somwang
Jatupont Somwang 2 дня назад
Yeah i​ like​ it Orange​ use gas gun
Isaac Perez Ramos
Isaac Perez Ramos 3 дня назад
*When you realize they were just clones*
JulianJGT 3 дня назад
Orange killed red with gas
superman 3 дня назад
Faiza Khalid
Faiza Khalid 3 дня назад
How many red s did he sommon
The Creative Sketch
The Creative Sketch 4 дня назад
I feel very bad for white
pingoggles C:
pingoggles C: 4 дня назад
stand:clone how many:it's be many with kills
Mr.Cheese 4 дня назад
Meeting : 56 people
Нургуля Мухтаровна
Нургуля Мухтаровна 4 дня назад
Monojit Ojha
Monojit Ojha 4 дня назад
Monojit Ojha
Monojit Ojha 4 дня назад
Cherries 4 дня назад
Lesson Learned: Close A Vent
Gail Dublin
Gail Dublin 5 дней назад
yoelhgo2008 2nd Channel
yoelhgo2008 2nd Channel 5 дней назад
1:29 Orange: sprays a gas Multiple Reds: *cough* *dies*
Zach Boyd
Zach Boyd 5 дней назад
So basically if Billy Numerous played Among Us
何鸣 5 дней назад
j j
rojhat rojhat
rojhat rojhat 5 дней назад
rojhat rojhat
rojhat rojhat 5 дней назад
Ahmet abi defneye tatlı karpuzlu sakız al 9
dr senku stone
dr senku stone 5 дней назад
Naruto:Hello red from among us Red: hello Naruto from Naruto Both: multi shadow clone jutsu
Hayate Amatsukaze
Hayate Amatsukaze 5 дней назад
1:36 the gun still sticking out, and that means...
SAMIM AKHTAR 6 дней назад
How even this can be possible? They are all wearing space suites(1:33)
M. Rasyidi
M. Rasyidi 6 дней назад
Ahmet Orcen
Ahmet Orcen 6 дней назад
Among us ♥️😍♥️
JAHAR LAL BASAK 6 дней назад
Bảo Nguyễn
Bảo Nguyễn 6 дней назад
Narutopostor confirmed
rhizor R
rhizor R 6 дней назад
There are 5 impostors among us
[GD] KrazyMan79
[GD] KrazyMan79 6 дней назад
This gives an idea for a round that may be brain-busting for the crewmates if this duplicating guy known as Red was there. Brain-busting, that is, until later on. Red: I was at security, not electrical. Blue: I saw you at elec, and you killed yellow. Yellow: He was at security. Green: I see... Maybe let's skip this one- *everyone votes Blue* Green: Oh well, whatever works. Blue was not the impostor. 1 impostor remains at the least. Lime: At the least? Hmmmm..... *Red kills Lime* Pink: Hmmmm, if Blue was not it, then it might be Red. Red: No. It is most likely Yellow. He was just trying to look innocent. Pink: Okay. Both Pink thinking and Lime getting killed happened simultaneously. *Pink calls an emergency meeting* Pink: Yellow. Green: If it's Yellow, then it's also Red. Red: He's just trying to look innocent. Green: Are you sure? Red: I was at MedBay inspecting samples, not at security. He was at MedBay as well, but he never inspected the samples. He was at security and electrical simultaneously when the murder happened, which Red caused. In the meeting, Green had something else to inspect: Who the killer would be. Green: It's Yellow, most likely. Yellow was not an impostor. 1 impostor remains at the least. Green: If Yellow was a crewmate and possibly told the truth, how come Blue was also a crewmate and saw him in Electrical? Hmmm, I would say one of them was just trolling, but the ejection sequence said "at the least" so.... maybe this impostor was cloning himself. White: I heard your thoughts. Green: Are you gonna suspect me? White: No. I saw everything that would convince me in the first place. I saw multiple clones of the same color, and one of those clones vented. And the color was red, so Red is the one. Green: So they must have been lying about Yellow on purpose! White: Come on, Black. We've got an impostor to eject. Green: He heard too? Black: Sure did. And so they voted Red out. Brown: *grunt* So hard getting these clones out. I've been the impostor a lot. I'll see if the strength is still flowing inside me. He punched each clone through the chute, so he did have an impostor's strength. In the lobby... Red: Well, good game. Yellow. I should probably ban you since you have hacked so you can get clones. Yellow was the owner of the server. And the players lived good lives after banning Red. The end.
Fishy Power
Fishy Power 6 дней назад
Imagine doing this in real life
Pranav Mahajan
Pranav Mahajan 6 дней назад
Impostor used Double Team 😂😂
aebyssasin 7 дней назад
Como el impostor puede multiplicrse a si mimso debe ser hacker
193 gaming emerald mcpe
193 gaming emerald mcpe 8 дней назад
This a twins
Muhammad Shaffin
Muhammad Shaffin 8 дней назад
biif 1914
biif 1914 9 дней назад
How did he see electrical with cams
Fret N
Fret N 9 дней назад
Um .ابةل؟سفب
Um .ابةل؟سفب 9 дней назад
I wish my brothers are never red... having one of each of them is enough
Jose Marcos Figueiredo
Jose Marcos Figueiredo 9 дней назад
Sha Castro
Sha Castro 10 дней назад
Ah, the whole meme red sus is in the thumbnail
Tiger Roblox
Tiger Roblox 8 дней назад
kitty infinite army
kitty infinite army 10 дней назад
Socksfor1 has to do this mode!! That would be incredible!!!!!!
Wooly Creeper
Wooly Creeper 10 дней назад
Reds kinda sus Edit: wait so he could’ve won by multiplying himself to have as many imps as crew mates
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 11 дней назад
bruh crewmates can't kill impostors, orange is hacking
Poland and Texas
Poland and Texas 11 дней назад
Poland and Texas
Poland and Texas 11 дней назад
Only 3 imposters
jesus lujan
jesus lujan 11 дней назад
nnnnnno se multiplica
Keder Jeden
Keder Jeden 11 дней назад
Red has always been sus
MORTAL GAMING 12 дней назад
Your animations are great!!!👍
Shilpi Sahu
Shilpi Sahu 12 дней назад
Make a horror video plsssssssss
Anirban Roy
Anirban Roy 12 дней назад
If they wear space suit then why did they die after eject on skeld
•Nesibe• 12 дней назад
O 0 8 oo = Red
SteveL 13 дней назад
flash in rahul: Oh... i forgot that these beans wear spacesuits and the gas wont affect them...Ahh, who cares
Isabelle Big brain
Isabelle Big brain 13 дней назад
Orange: Hey is there a party in here? 1:06 All the reds: Yay let's all have a party and get drunk. 1:09 Orange: This party ends now. 1:30 All the reds: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! 1:34
Gusta Ojeda
Gusta Ojeda 13 дней назад
A The saboteus Murry pacientes 0 lo la
Narendra Kumar
Narendra Kumar 13 дней назад
Kage bunshin no jutsu
Ahmedu Hassan 6j
Ahmedu Hassan 6j 13 дней назад
Perman impostor plz
GHOST 13 дней назад
After 5 days the video loaded and I can watch it
Aaron Pereira
Aaron Pereira 13 дней назад
the impostor can not multiply there is a glitch that there are 5 reds and they are 5 impostor
bandicam man
bandicam man 13 дней назад
Kagebounshin nojutsu
Nelson Edmond
Nelson Edmond 13 дней назад
Its Funny And Scary At the same time when u see 666k Views
dasha virol
dasha virol 13 дней назад
Tanmay 11
Tanmay 11 13 дней назад
Kagebushin no jutsu
Marcell William
Marcell William 13 дней назад
blue:red sus orange:red sus red:5
Samuel Maeda
Samuel Maeda 14 дней назад
Gaste Kağdı
Gaste Kağdı 14 дней назад
Win the crevmate
EnderAdventure 14 дней назад
Crewmates nightmare
I Am Gamer
I Am Gamer 14 дней назад
Watching Naruto for sure
háng TV
háng TV 14 дней назад
you are so good!
:0 14 дней назад
Icfauh 14 дней назад
1:30 When spider
Preston Rush
Preston Rush 14 дней назад
bro crewmates are the ones who suck
M17 bully
M17 bully 14 дней назад
The Deadly Neurotoxin
チリンビルダー ChillinBuilder
チリンビルダー ChillinBuilder 14 дней назад
no longer lonely..but wouldnt that seem sus?!!!
Dysheesky 14 дней назад
If they had a update were you cant clone yourself
Lakshya Sharma
Lakshya Sharma 14 дней назад
I am thinking he is Naruto the shadow clone master
Franklin Adriatico
Franklin Adriatico 14 дней назад
ASSASIN GAMERZ 14 дней назад
Among us the ninja
MinecraftAnimator 14 дней назад
1:25 Impostor repellent Can easily take hordes of impostors
aneta czechowska
aneta czechowska 14 дней назад
Me Too!
Rodolfo Ramos
Rodolfo Ramos 14 дней назад
the matrix the untold murder
Muhammad Arish Khan
Muhammad Arish Khan 14 дней назад
0:56 how the camera is inside the room as compared to the game
Vũ Vinh
Vũ Vinh 14 дней назад
Press f to pay respects
Seriousyy 14 дней назад
Orange:sprays gas Me:Wait that's illegal
Abhilash Garain
Abhilash Garain 14 дней назад
Plot twist: Orange was the imposter
bonjour bear
bonjour bear 14 дней назад
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