Among Us: The Terminator

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Flash in Rahul

27 дней назад

Dominik Paraga
Dominik Paraga 13 часов назад
Why 1 min
амонг. асик Смирнов
амонг. асик Смирнов 19 часов назад
Не вышло
Jay Gaming GG
Jay Gaming GG День назад
but 2021
Jay Gaming GG
Jay Gaming GG День назад
come part 2
The Netherite Bros
The Netherite Bros День назад
Fun fact: the ejection of polus is a reference to the ending of terminator 2
Warren Tucker
Warren Tucker День назад
*enemy spotted* 0:39
Jullian Paul Lecaros
Jullian Paul Lecaros 2 дня назад
The ending cool cool like the ending where the terminator dies from lava cool cool
Fayead Gaming
Fayead Gaming 2 дня назад
"1:40" black said a bangla language
ً 2 дня назад
i dont play among us anymore but i really like your videos
Nathanael Zachary Panghulan Valera
Nathanael Zachary Panghulan Valera 3 дня назад
I like the reference
Marvel Mahadewa
Marvel Mahadewa 3 дня назад
So Red is the evil robot woman from Terminator 3. Can we get a 69 for red.
carl louis jamero
carl louis jamero 3 дня назад
Yellow: john connor (Black: T-800 (Red: T-1000
Yogi werebear YouTube gamer
Yogi werebear YouTube gamer 3 дня назад
Yes! He did the thumbs up
Jethro Dulay
Jethro Dulay 4 дня назад
I watched this 5 times!!!
Treinxxe 4 дня назад
Dude those animation are better
Christopher Earth
Christopher Earth 4 дня назад
The inverse Impostor.
angelo Velasquez
angelo Velasquez 4 дня назад
Jax XD
Jax XD 4 дня назад
1:40 Asta La Vista, Baby
Sebastián garcia
Sebastián garcia 4 дня назад
Yellow as jhon connor
SlopPyxl 5 дней назад
Ill be sus 🕶
Silly Perrin
Silly Perrin 5 дней назад
Yellow = John Connor Black-800 = T-800 Red-1000 = T-1000
JAHAR LAL BASAK 6 дней назад
M. Rasyidi
M. Rasyidi 6 дней назад
Manwol PH
Manwol PH 6 дней назад
i think red t-1000 Will have died And Terminator say hasta la vista baby
Victorinox Celebertty
Victorinox Celebertty 6 дней назад
Cool animación 10/10 black : hasta la vista baby.
Alessandro Barbieri
Alessandro Barbieri 6 дней назад
"Asta la vista" is italian and i Am italian
Mario Machaca
Mario Machaca 7 дней назад
Keřík Ví
Keřík Ví 7 дней назад
Flash in rahul: Among Us: The Terminator Me: Yay Schwarz yeeeeeeeeeeee
Divya Singh
Divya Singh 8 дней назад
Guys do you realize that when we eject crewmates in polus sometimes they also thumbs up when dropped to lava
DeniART 9 дней назад
Give me pls an ideea for among us animation
Moickrack VR
Moickrack VR 10 дней назад
Epic!! 😈
Ellinor99 10 дней назад
The movie in a nutshell
{[%ÇÕЩBØŁĘĆŤĪVĒ ĞДМÎŇĞ%]} 10 дней назад
Get Terminated!
Adn Nava
Adn Nava 11 дней назад
2 part
Wolfz Notorious
Wolfz Notorious 11 дней назад
Hasta La Vista, Baby.
Septi Wulandari
Septi Wulandari 12 дней назад
How its do this ee OK ︶︿︶(-‿◦)
Imposter Guy
Imposter Guy 12 дней назад
The last words was copy right from pghlfims
Genevieve Gilbert
Genevieve Gilbert 12 дней назад
i like that its in polus because of the lava, its like the terminater in a nutshell
Miha Morosh
Miha Morosh 13 дней назад
Pls longer
George trop
George trop 13 дней назад
My favorite color is black
pikacharizardx ssj
pikacharizardx ssj 13 дней назад
Alguien en español?
Itz blaze gaming
Itz blaze gaming 13 дней назад
brother:lol i have the vip gamepass noob me: 1:40
HairyBoy 1421
HairyBoy 1421 13 дней назад
Nice sound effects
Hydrarune 13 дней назад
Plot Twist : He drank a fire resistance potion and he had a ender pearl.
Archana Dash
Archana Dash 13 дней назад
The ending he sacrificed himself it was sad :(
Archana Dash
Archana Dash 13 дней назад
Btw when he said HASTA LA VISTA BABY... I laughed soo hardly that scene was funny
Aaron Pereira
Aaron Pereira 13 дней назад
he is making animations so fast!
Rodolfo Ramos
Rodolfo Ramos 13 дней назад
terma-oung us 2 jugdement day
Fortnite 14 дней назад
Asoke Das
Asoke Das 14 дней назад
I need part 2 why he said he will come back. 😉 Your animation is amazing!!!!! Now I am a big fan of you 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.
Zalfa Zahirah
Zalfa Zahirah 14 дней назад
This is could be movies in netflix
Dipankar Banerjee
Dipankar Banerjee 15 дней назад
Classic terminator!
Khôi Huy Bùi
Khôi Huy Bùi 15 дней назад
Ha, cyborgs
yellow is TARGET
Nur Fairuza Rasnan
Nur Fairuza Rasnan 15 дней назад
Hasta la vista baby
Firerestic 15 дней назад
Fun fact : when imposter does only that time the hand become like, like button and the black's hand becomed like, the like button bruh it means that was the imposter too.
Saksang Ku
Saksang Ku 16 дней назад
If red terrimate yellow????
muhammad muso Habibullayev
muhammad muso Habibullayev 16 дней назад
Let me get the chocolate🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Carl Dominic Dadole
Carl Dominic Dadole 16 дней назад
When Imposter betrayed to other Imposter:"Ala ba vista baby"
Marinette 13 дней назад
Marinette 13 дней назад
Liutauras Girdvainis
Liutauras Girdvainis 16 дней назад
Funny, i just started to watch terminator
Maynard Cortan
Maynard Cortan 16 дней назад
Nice Video!
PinayOnTheGo 16 дней назад
Among Us: the actor next please :)
nico c.s
nico c.s 16 дней назад
Николай Сергучик
Николай Сергучик 16 дней назад
apgsbuddy 16 дней назад
Thumbnail: Hasta la vista, BABY!
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor 15 дней назад
Hasta la vista :)
Divyansh chandel ツ
Divyansh chandel ツ 16 дней назад
2:01 in this scene we know that black was imp not red Lol😂
Divyansh chandel ツ
Divyansh chandel ツ 16 дней назад
Next robo-cop Plz
Ranjana Jaiswal
Ranjana Jaiswal 16 дней назад
So i will be back sence that another terminator animation will come or it will continue to part 2. If u agree give a like 👍
BLOCKMAN GO 16 дней назад
I love this I have been watching it FOR 9 HOURS
Wuapled 16 дней назад
Деннис Милана
Деннис Милана 17 дней назад
Hasta lovista baby very epic fight
Деннис Милана
Деннис Милана 9 дней назад
@MR.ASSASIN_939 нет.....
MR.ASSASIN_939 9 дней назад
А ты знаеш как это пестня называется в анимации
Деннис Милана
Деннис Милана 9 дней назад
Ага но я умоею по рускому расговаривать но я Литовец но и ютубер
MR.ASSASIN_939 9 дней назад
Ты русский?
Sohini Chattopadhyay
Sohini Chattopadhyay 17 дней назад
This animation looks like the real Terminator - Judgement Day Just there are 2 differences between real one and this one. 1. Hasta la Vista Baby was said when T 850 was driving car 2. In the last scene T 850 first threw T 1000 into the fire pool then himself jumped into it. Pls make another one that shows the missing character Sarah Connor. and another with the cinema Terminator - Dark Fate
Arthur e Enzo Gamers
Arthur e Enzo Gamers 17 дней назад
2:01 👍
Burhan Uddin Prottoy
Burhan Uddin Prottoy 17 дней назад
Hasta la vista, baby
ᄉᄃᄌ 17 дней назад
Black was an imposter. 0 Imposter remains.
Rishan Mandal
Rishan Mandal 17 дней назад
The terminater looks like Right Hand Man ngl.
Qnet100 17 дней назад
I watch this film it has 6 seasons but idk yet if 7 season will appear in 2021. Edit: How do u think guys!? Will 7 season in Terminate appear in 2021 or 2022? Edit: Thanks for 30+ likes!
Itz not_squiddyz
Itz not_squiddyz 17 дней назад
2:01 I knew he was gonna do it
Mr. Catbloxian
Mr. Catbloxian 17 дней назад
hasta la vista
Ishan TheLionCat
Ishan TheLionCat 18 дней назад
Its Jaden Stuff
Its Jaden Stuff 18 дней назад
Hasta la vista
Aileen Chandrissa
Aileen Chandrissa 18 дней назад
terminator vs terminator
Maria Angelica Urrea Guateque
Maria Angelica Urrea Guateque 18 дней назад
Epamuaj Kitty Gemini Doggy Flash
Epamuaj Kitty Gemini Doggy Flash 18 дней назад
1:40 it's just a edit 1:53: an edit too Me: Who cares it's still cool. 1:14 red: Ready to die yellow? 1:21 red gets mad and runs in black and tryna punch him. Btw black is a robot or somthin cuz that's the problem of black and also red is an robot cuz when he get shoot he just gets his skin back.
Samuel Carranza
Samuel Carranza 18 дней назад
Hasta la vista beiby
Samuel Carranza
Samuel Carranza 15 дней назад
@Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor bay bay
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor 15 дней назад
danbo3330 18 дней назад
“Hasty la vista, baby”
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor
Kasa Jizo The Best osea El Mejor 15 дней назад
Chau :)
Tablet Mx
Tablet Mx 16 дней назад
Adiós bye xd
Caroline Hall
Caroline Hall 18 дней назад
I loved this animation it was so good, the timing was spot on like when red stomps black into the ground it slows down for a few seconds to make the impact more brutal. This is what I imagine happening after the events of the video. Yellow sings: “It’s good to be alive NA NA NA NA NA, it’s good to be alive, I’m happy to survive NA NA NA NA NA, so good.”
Farzana akhter
Farzana akhter 18 дней назад
He said he will be back
deepti yadav
deepti yadav 18 дней назад
Red and Black: *fights* litrelly all the Red X Black shippers watching this:👁💧👄💧👁
عبوسي Ir
عبوسي Ir 18 дней назад
Yazeed gamer
Yazeed gamer 19 дней назад
Yazeed gamer
Yazeed gamer 19 дней назад
Single Player
Single Player 19 дней назад
Hello, if I broadcast your beautiful videos in Turkish on my own channel and share your channel in the comments, it will be useful for you, do you accept it?
Antareep Kashyap
Antareep Kashyap 19 дней назад
When black is attacking red it is looking like mini crewmate
Kavita Bagade
Kavita Bagade 19 дней назад
Why does it kinda seem like Tom and Jerry show to me?
Tejal Dave
Tejal Dave 19 дней назад
Dude the thumbnail is so good
Godzilla Earth Storm 5051
Godzilla Earth Storm 5051 19 дней назад
hastala vista baby
cerdo 384 ඞ
cerdo 384 ඞ 19 дней назад
Aneela Bibi
Aneela Bibi 19 дней назад
These animations get better these are awesome very good bruh keep making new videos
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