Among Us: The Santa

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Flash in Rahul

2 месяца назад

@Dynamix Recordings

Flash in Rahul
Flash in Rahul 2 месяца назад
Merry Christsus! Happy holidays!
Bebe Russell
Bebe Russell 2 дня назад
Rhino robot Animations
Rhino robot Animations 2 дня назад
You are very great animator, Dude 👍✨
Эйва Маковецкая
Эйва Маковецкая 9 дней назад
Thanks you, no devil, WHAT IS SUS!?
GoD Z GameR
GoD Z GameR 15 дней назад
I have became your fan after seeing this video ♥️♥️
Tap Gamer YT
Tap Gamer YT 28 дней назад
Plz help me my channel is dying...🙁😦
carla dirani
carla dirani 23 часа назад
Among us :the santa
DoggoGaming День назад
If Santa was really like that I would cry.
DoggoGaming День назад
Not really I would just run for my life.
antonio quiñones
antonio quiñones 3 дня назад
poor crewates
TheNohbilan 303
TheNohbilan 303 3 дня назад
What is your app for animation
Kandace Fritcher
Kandace Fritcher 5 дней назад
Haha 21
Haha 21 6 дней назад
Santa EVIL
una_.chica._cualquiera 9 дней назад
With what tool or program do you make your animations? I love them💞💞💞👉🏼👈🏼😍🤧
Svenja Grendel
Svenja Grendel 10 дней назад
I want to play among us on christmas eve...
Svenja Grendel
Svenja Grendel 10 дней назад
S-s-scary....T-thx... . Its a good animation, but scary
Ram Rana
Ram Rana 13 дней назад
Ooo bhai
Manisha jadhav
Manisha jadhav 14 дней назад
I m show more replies i have been merry Christsus 😅😨😵😱
Fantasy World Of Daniel
Fantasy World Of Daniel 20 дней назад
This is not Santa. This is Krampus
Isai Castro
Isai Castro 22 дня назад
0:40 Santa was the impostor
Nachiket Kulkarni
Nachiket Kulkarni 24 дня назад
Animation is so good that I have watched it 10 times
Zuzu Buyung
Zuzu Buyung 25 дней назад
Merry Christmas i not like
SPIDER-MAN 26 дней назад
You ruined my Christmas 😫😫😫
Puttiwat Pongtavornpinyo
Puttiwat Pongtavornpinyo 28 дней назад
Merry Christsus
Pinki Dhar
Pinki Dhar Месяц назад
How many Viewers are not from India
deependra Saxena
deependra Saxena Месяц назад
Santa kill. Chrimas makes glost MENIDLING kill purple kill kalefs
jessie Shadowbane
jessie Shadowbane Месяц назад
Well that was scary
유영남 Месяц назад
santa kinda sus
Vinayak Jaiswal
Vinayak Jaiswal Месяц назад
I wanna see muslimposter
MadTeaCup Месяц назад
Merry christsus!
Alejandra Quevedo
Alejandra Quevedo Месяц назад
Cacaca Месяц назад
Me dolió la parte donde donde Donde murieron todos los sábados me dio mucho miedo porque mi pareja un corazón mi comentario Pero por qué no haces una parte donde aparezca mi personaje el huevo de color rojo y que maté a muchos
SuperVitu64 // Gilius Productions
SuperVitu64 // Gilius Productions Месяц назад
merry cristhmas b*tches -Santa
Juan Manuel Panganiban
Juan Manuel Panganiban Месяц назад
i love this video hahaha
disha palni
disha palni Месяц назад
Merry horror christmas
Rosa Checo
Rosa Checo Месяц назад
Noooooooo santa no es así santa 🎅🏻 no es así 😭🥺😭
Rosa Checo
Rosa Checo Месяц назад
🎅🏻 😭🥺😭
rojo con cuernos
rojo con cuernos Месяц назад
Es Red santa jejeje! 😙😙
dead dead
dead dead Месяц назад
Haha right as santa wode do sutch fing
Анна Парфёнова
Анна Парфёнова Месяц назад
А вы знали что там было 2 Санты а не один
Eliza Cruz
Eliza Cruz Месяц назад
Extreme Sutirtho
Extreme Sutirtho Месяц назад
Reality: Merry christmas Among us: Merry IMPOSTER!
Rimuru-sama Месяц назад
Christ is sus...
Kiaan Arora
Kiaan Arora Месяц назад
Santa sus lmao
Michelle's Channel
Michelle's Channel Месяц назад
Dante Cocina
Dante Cocina Месяц назад
music perfect
Fernando Gonzales
Fernando Gonzales Месяц назад
I am sus its true
Fernando Gonzales
Fernando Gonzales Месяц назад
Its person malditlo
Cryan Hacker films
Cryan Hacker films Месяц назад
Part 2 pls how crew santa he has crewmate well he not impostor then he gonna save
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez Месяц назад
Elementman EXE
Elementman EXE Месяц назад
So if purple didn't realize there was a bomb in their wouldn't Santa die with him
K. Lakshmi
K. Lakshmi Месяц назад
I can't spell
K. Lakshmi
K. Lakshmi Месяц назад
I just relaizedased that
Juan Manuel Panganiban
Juan Manuel Panganiban Месяц назад
this video make me scared weeeeeeeee
Ahmet K
Ahmet K Месяц назад
Hiç mi türk izlemez
Rachel Bain
Rachel Bain Месяц назад
How did Santa get all the presents everywhere if he was with purple the whole time
Yoongi's Shadow
Yoongi's Shadow Месяц назад
Woah!!! This was sooooooo coooooool man!! You are creative. Loved it👌👌😄😄😄
bhais tang
bhais tang Месяц назад
Vidit Soni
Vidit Soni Месяц назад
quite noice
gilang putra suis
gilang putra suis Месяц назад
Can't next See Impostor the santa when Merry christsus:P
Daniel Luxford
Daniel Luxford Месяц назад
santa a bad guy
Michael Volaris
Michael Volaris Месяц назад
Michael Volaris
Michael Volaris Месяц назад
Homay Goth
Michael Volaris
Michael Volaris Месяц назад
Esta bien bueno
Leona Yen yen
Leona Yen yen Месяц назад
Ajoy Nova Gaming
Ajoy Nova Gaming Месяц назад
Cruelty level: 100000
Rachel Bain
Rachel Bain Месяц назад
Did anyone notice the white pointy thing that green was Holding? I think Santa killed one of his fellow imposters! I think was holding a knife. 0.17
Ra' Zak
Ra' Zak Месяц назад
Does everything in among us has to be brutal..i mean come on, not all imps are bad. Some are honest and admits defeat when caught.
kalel dominguez
kalel dominguez Месяц назад
Sorry santa imposter sus for You guys santa sus
Charlotte Wenzke
Charlotte Wenzke Месяц назад
Wow. Just wow.
Lysandra Chen
Lysandra Chen Месяц назад
Good job
abdulaziz abdulaziz
abdulaziz abdulaziz Месяц назад
He is satan
Tatiana Nastoska
Tatiana Nastoska Месяц назад
Kartikeya Samadhiya
Kartikeya Samadhiya Месяц назад
Too brutal
Roman Granberg
Roman Granberg Месяц назад
FnCs SWAY-_-baby-ice
FnCs SWAY-_-baby-ice Месяц назад
Nice one bwo
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn Месяц назад
Red có dao
Cacaca Месяц назад
Carmen Olivares
Carmen Olivares Месяц назад
debería te ner mas suscritores
Milo Месяц назад
I love of Among Us end Christmas
Wesam ahmad Mariam
Wesam ahmad Mariam Месяц назад
Not from Santa from evil santa
Djaylan Ahamada
Djaylan Ahamada Месяц назад
Vandana Lavania
Vandana Lavania Месяц назад
Merry scarymus
RHS 37
RHS 37 Месяц назад
New trailer of thé movie among us horror
Sinceray Месяц назад
Nibbonbon Месяц назад
Wait, this music...sounds a lot like the trailer for hitman 3 xD (edit: well the beginning does)
Mr cheese
Mr cheese Месяц назад
How can you do that Santa ?
mojis get yt
mojis get yt Месяц назад
so scary
Berensu Özlel
Berensu Özlel Месяц назад
Among us 😍
Clemente Esteban Rodríguez Hernández
Clemente Esteban Rodríguez Hernández Месяц назад
among us the santa cool
Tristan H
Tristan H Месяц назад
Looks like Santa's gone naughty.
Mike Kyriazis
Mike Kyriazis Месяц назад
Animation 26: The Santa
Ertuğrul Kaya
Ertuğrul Kaya Месяц назад
0:54 good
AGGRESSIVE 2 месяца назад
Salute to you super animation
Michele Buls
Michele Buls 2 месяца назад
This is by far the best animation
Syper Games
Syper Games 2 месяца назад
Sound effects are superb
EamonKK9 2 месяца назад
I was like PS5 FOR AMONG US!!! But I didn’t know what happens next
JumbledButton_XO 2 месяца назад
Steven Ellery
Steven Ellery 2 месяца назад
Yogita Gawande
Yogita Gawande 2 месяца назад
Loved that last line! "Christsus" 😂😂
Wiley2507 2 месяца назад
He is rising
Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez 2 месяца назад
Gamer々sahiL 2 месяца назад
Why dint he still get the award for the best animation ❤️
Carl Dominic Dadole
Carl Dominic Dadole 2 месяца назад
Well that what I'm seeing Santa when he delivered me a gift in the date of January.
Carolina Gutierrez
Carolina Gutierrez 2 месяца назад
2 Part?.....
Carolina Gutierrez
Carolina Gutierrez 2 месяца назад
lunacy trust sans
lunacy trust sans 2 месяца назад
"Santa kinda sus ngl"
Leonora Hermida
Leonora Hermida 2 месяца назад
This is Scary :(
قناةباسم قناة
قناةباسم قناة 2 месяца назад
Rocio Guerrero
Rocio Guerrero 2 месяца назад
God animation bro
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