Among Us: If The Impostor Tried To Do Tasks

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Flash in Rahul

2 месяца назад

ishrat fatma
ishrat fatma Час назад
Bingo Watterson
Bingo Watterson 4 дня назад
Among Us
Cyerca Pannell
Cyerca Pannell 4 дня назад
MONG US but the inpssTr have pawr
Hisham The Hero
Hisham The Hero 7 дней назад
SMFB7 9 дней назад
Bad end as always. Curse you!
おれんじみかん 9 дней назад
0:08 oh! good guy! 0:32 oh...
lazygames 10 дней назад
Goodbye impostors sub. To help impostors do tasks
Bruno Albuquerque Sousa
Bruno Albuquerque Sousa 11 дней назад
Umm.... Maybe if you change the title to "Among Us: If The Impostor Tried To Prank Tasks", no?
The Addi Channel The glitterati show
The Addi Channel The glitterati show 13 дней назад
Everyone: why did you have to do that imposter? Imposter: I was just doing tasks to prove my innocence
Ramila Baviskar
Ramila Baviskar 15 дней назад
Oh umm imposter is youuu are no ....
Julie Paine
Julie Paine 15 дней назад
I love how red gets electrocuted while tried to fix wires
Someone_AltF4 18 дней назад
imposter over powered now
アマイさいど 18 дней назад
Agent 18 дней назад
When Imopstor is Engineer
MS' ELLIEシ 20 дней назад
This is the smarter Imposter ever
Michael Samonte
Michael Samonte 20 дней назад
Hakan Tekin
Hakan Tekin 20 дней назад
MairaxM STAFF SERIES MC 20 дней назад
El gran soldador asesino: La Pelicula.-
Davi Leandro
Davi Leandro 20 дней назад
『·Snuw·』 21 день назад
*Impostor* "alright time to fake tasks" "alright theres one in electrical" *prepares tools* "ok we good" *Skeld shuts off*
At Hif
At Hif 21 день назад
R.I.P Headphone Users at full volume 0:23
Taner Fesli
Taner Fesli 22 дня назад
Last task, 5 seconds before the video ended, was the best task he could have ever done
Fredgamerzz Gaming
Fredgamerzz Gaming 22 дня назад
Different title: if the impostors have task
Mannad 24 дня назад
Among us may be dead. But your content isn't
Jacara Manley
Jacara Manley 24 дня назад
I saw him fixing the subscribe button I ain’t dying 😭😂😂
The dragon man
The dragon man 25 дней назад
that imp is smart af
Hridyansh verma
Hridyansh verma 25 дней назад
At the ending ur outro is tilted plz see😀
גוהטנקס 25 дней назад
Now that's true sabotage.
Christmas Cat
Christmas Cat 25 дней назад
That should be a mod or a real sabotage made by innersloth
TMNT 2012 Moments YouTube Channel
TMNT 2012 Moments YouTube Channel 26 дней назад
You should make a video you making a animation.. and showing
Ismael Ramos Amante
Ismael Ramos Amante 26 дней назад
Video red X pink please
Myster K
Myster K 26 дней назад
that isnt doing tasks that is sabotaging tasks
LokiTheMischievous 22
LokiTheMischievous 22 27 дней назад
He’s just trying to help, but he can’t... *IT ISN’T IN HIS BLOOD!*
Amrhen Duns
Amrhen Duns 27 дней назад
Yay his channel is back
OlDa Mrhl
OlDa Mrhl 27 дней назад
I like your videóz
S 27 дней назад
Flash in Raul what happened to ur channel??
Astitva dixit
Astitva dixit 27 дней назад
aninja Bouarroudj
aninja Bouarroudj 28 дней назад
Deividi Prigol
Deividi Prigol 28 дней назад
THUNDER BOLT 28 дней назад
0:50 When you die from karma after trying to destroy the card swipe task. But somehow, you still complete it...
Lime -among us-
Lime -among us- 28 дней назад
Real reason I hate admin swipe is....... 😔😔😔😔 😔
Santi’sworld 28 дней назад
(Right when blue kills people) wow I’m so dum
Santi’sworld 28 дней назад
Right when blue fixed the wires it was still broken the impasta could have been blue
Friday night funkin fan
Friday night funkin fan 28 дней назад
Hes fixing it.
And the among us terror?
dokdo 독도사랑
dokdo 독도사랑 29 дней назад
The impostor did not wanted to kill like that....
Savin Alex
Savin Alex Месяц назад
Crewmates IQ: 10 Impostor IQ: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
xSaJ BMGO Месяц назад
Lol impostor destroyed everything
Fan Alan becker stickmans
Fan Alan becker stickmans Месяц назад
My fact:impostors evil before demons here
S̆̈M̆̈M̆̈2 M̆̈ĭ̈c̆̈k̆̈ĕ̈y̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈k̆̈
S̆̈M̆̈M̆̈2 M̆̈ĭ̈c̆̈k̆̈ĕ̈y̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈k̆̈ Месяц назад
Imposter: sabotages all the tasks to make them as trolls Crewmates: gets trolled by the tasks they try to do
Novus Месяц назад
Task win: everybody wins
Aljabar Irawan
Aljabar Irawan Месяц назад
This is for April fool's I think
MasonGaming Месяц назад
Who was the impostor even, because there were 4 people in the video. Were the 3 victims impostors or did the Impostor trap the tasks for the crew mates?
MasonGaming Месяц назад
Now I’m just confused
Raja Laut
Raja Laut Месяц назад
Arian Mokarami
Arian Mokarami Месяц назад
You broke the tasks probably took 103849208392029839203873902848938284839284792039849929748392993839937382992828378382837478492983939938283839392929398 years to do that
Sowmya Prasad
Sowmya Prasad Месяц назад
SUBODH SAH Месяц назад
The heading should have been " Impostor : The trapper " ...
Adan Fadlan
Adan Fadlan Месяц назад
Well.. if that really happened in the actual game.. thats a cheap code..
games mm
games mm Месяц назад
Haahah blue is a good imposter
Obsidian Reborn
Obsidian Reborn Месяц назад
0:55 shows green button eventually
RUBY KUMARI Месяц назад
0:30 nice animation dude!
Sr_ Shadow272
Sr_ Shadow272 Месяц назад
hey but if there's an idea of different types of impostors including being able to do tasks
Lukas Osborne
Lukas Osborne Месяц назад
they can on mobile
Genaro Lucio
Genaro Lucio Месяц назад
I love this, your animations are THE BEST
LL the fan song commenter
LL the fan song commenter Месяц назад
Blue (me): let’s learn tasks! Later from Blue: :)
Red Mini Crewmate
Red Mini Crewmate Месяц назад
That impostor just wanted to be crewmate 🤣
Pepzi Engineer
Pepzi Engineer Месяц назад
you are amazing
Oz M
Oz M Месяц назад
now I understand blue is The Impostor
Phone Pyae Thuta
Phone Pyae Thuta Месяц назад
Yellow: Calls an emergency meeting and gets ejected by blue's trap. Me: Why does the Skeld looks like a turtle?.
Obseys Месяц назад
My friend died cause he tried to press the sub button
Wagey Dogey
Wagey Dogey Месяц назад
Sabotage tasks
Joey Andrew
Joey Andrew Месяц назад
i didn press subscribe bcz i didn wanna die lol PS: im already subscribed 🤙
Asan Pkuu
Asan Pkuu Месяц назад
Impostor kill task fail to kill crewmate
Wagey Dogey
Wagey Dogey Месяц назад
Blue is taking the “faking tasks” thing to the next level
Haikal Azmi M
Haikal Azmi M Месяц назад
Scott Hurley
Scott Hurley Месяц назад
Is there any more videos if not tell him to make more 🦴and why do the among us crewmates have 1 bone🦴
alejandro mation
alejandro mation Месяц назад
god job imposter!!!
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Месяц назад
When the Impostor tries to help out but sadly fails
Atibodee Yoopipak
Atibodee Yoopipak Месяц назад
Super Ramtin
Super Ramtin Месяц назад
1:06 Then everyone will be like "Aw c'mon! I hate it when they make a meeting and leave!" 😑😂
Erfan Reza Ontik
Erfan Reza Ontik Месяц назад
Sapper imposter
Sahil bhoge
Sahil bhoge Месяц назад
Narendra Annaiah
Narendra Annaiah Месяц назад
cool :D
Abdo Medhat
Abdo Medhat Месяц назад
that make no sense he must do a task and not ruining them
salvador bedini
salvador bedini Месяц назад
doing tasks tonigt
drago nerifikato2.0.
drago nerifikato2.0. Месяц назад
Alternate title: if among us give imposters the ability to make traps
ihavethelongestnameonyoutubenahidiots YomamaGaePoop
ihavethelongestnameonyoutubenahidiots YomamaGaePoop Месяц назад
More Like : "Amomg Us : TrapMaster"
Puran Chand Bhatt
Puran Chand Bhatt Месяц назад
He is agent 47 pro max killing everyone without putting a hand on them
Hnneiheije the YouTubeer
Hnneiheije the YouTubeer Месяц назад
What will he do in scan?
Yash Rustagi
Yash Rustagi Месяц назад
Fact :- this is why imposter can't do tasks😁
Bouchra Kaissa
Bouchra Kaissa Месяц назад
Good imposter or it's not among us
The Benjamin Squad
The Benjamin Squad Месяц назад
Dáša Minaříková
Dáša Minaříková Месяц назад
Oooooooof im dead
Dáša Minaříková
Dáša Minaříková Месяц назад
Dáša Minaříková
Dáša Minaříková Месяц назад
Dáša Minaříková
Dáša Minaříková Месяц назад
Marvellous Studios
Marvellous Studios Месяц назад
I stopped Playing among us but still I love to watch ur videos.
Pim Pon
Pim Pon Месяц назад
muhammad muso Habibullayev
muhammad muso Habibullayev Месяц назад
Broking tasks Blue broked tasks
Amir Khan
Amir Khan Месяц назад
Who all are indians here....
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