Mind Controlling Impostor in Among Us

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Flash in Rahul

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Im FrOm 3050 YeAr
Im FrOm 3050 YeAr Час назад
Sunita patayal yes I was his teacher and my favourite colour is orange so I was orange being smart in that game😎 so - I HAVE IQ 100000000000000000
Im FrOm 3050 YeAr
Im FrOm 3050 YeAr Час назад
Please reply here* No one replys to my comment😢😢😢
Recco Gamer YT
Recco Gamer YT 7 часов назад
0:45 did someone saw E there
Pixelated3D 11 часов назад
I got Mind Controlled to hit the subscribe button and turn on all notifications
Pixelated3D 11 часов назад
Why am I even here 2 months later
Gaming With James 2
Gaming With James 2 13 часов назад
0:44 E
Dereck Teixeira
Dereck Teixeira 14 часов назад
i subcribed 1:46
ringxj 20 часов назад
Did anyone realize one task said e
challenges of life shaheer
challenges of life shaheer 22 часа назад
Did imposter screen yellow die then he go to lava pool and yellow was there edit mistake
райчу про
райчу про 22 часа назад
Амонг ас ты крутои 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Pvzgamer Legisniana
Pvzgamer Legisniana День назад
Blue:Hey Orange wanna hypnotized? Orange:REVERSESREVER flesmih sllik:eulB
Pvzgamer Legisniana
Pvzgamer Legisniana День назад
1:47 i didnt hypnotize me
ซาบิโตะ День назад
How yellow has life blue kill yellow 00:2
Zoue Glinogo
Zoue Glinogo День назад
Yellow was an imposter but blue killed him again and he was a crewmate
kk.konrad klukowski.k
kk.konrad klukowski.k День назад
Oh no I was subbed already so blue mindcontrollled me to unsub
Sidhant Ramasayam
Sidhant Ramasayam День назад
1:36 XD XD XD
woo claire
woo claire День назад
Ahhhhhhhh subscribing...😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Francisca Parone
Francisca Parone 2 дня назад
Why nobody talking how brutal white and red fight no one realize this?
The_Smilurr 2 дня назад
0:12: The other impostor when I'm impostor and I'm with a five year old kid who wants to be the impostor by himself:
SoyFren 2 дня назад
0:54 / 0:01 two yellows? And is the impostor
Ernesto Vidal Gonzalez
Ernesto Vidal Gonzalez 2 дня назад
twist: blue: shows uno reverse card orange: oh noooo
:.: cardero :.:
:.: cardero :.: 2 дня назад
0:46 there was e in that task😂
Jayredpro111 Calingasan
Jayredpro111 Calingasan 3 дня назад
This blue betrayed yellow and blue needs to die and karma and yellows revenge
Marvel Mahadewa
Marvel Mahadewa 3 дня назад
Hypnotism: *Exist* Rick Roll, Stick Bug and Distraction Dance: Ain't no Hypnos gonna distort us because we are you and you are us.
BRUTAL [meow]
BRUTAL [meow] 4 дня назад
Same with me
Zachary23 gameplay
Zachary23 gameplay 4 дня назад
Hmm e/18 Did you see that
I like broccoli and more broccoli
I like broccoli and more broccoli 4 дня назад
that took a turn
Diego Flores
Diego Flores 4 дня назад
Nicole Yay :D
Nicole Yay :D 4 дня назад
0:35 I couldnt stop laughing here oml 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kayla 5 дней назад
There is a editing mistake: 0:15 1:05 yellow dies twice
Miggiyoutube 5 дней назад
Fun fact: there are 2 yellows impostor yellow and crewmate yellow
Dijana Tesovic
Dijana Tesovic 5 дней назад
In 0:54 how Is yellow there of je killed him self
Faycal Senhadji
Faycal Senhadji 5 дней назад
The ending made me subscribe bc he mind controlling meʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
M. Rasyidi
M. Rasyidi 6 дней назад
JAHAR LAL BASAK 6 дней назад
Irma Manuela Muñoz Pliego
Irma Manuela Muñoz Pliego 6 дней назад
Como si me ubiera imnotisada
•Blue StarKunz•
•Blue StarKunz• 6 дней назад
KingAtlecYT 6 дней назад
He died in the imposter screen
KingAtlecYT 6 дней назад
How is yellow still alive
KingAtlecYT 6 дней назад
LGA 6 дней назад
Ending is GREAT😂
Mohammathul Samima
Mohammathul Samima 7 дней назад
Please love imposter
Luciene Rocha
Luciene Rocha 7 дней назад
0:39 and 1:28 Double kill
Vkp Gamer
Vkp Gamer 7 дней назад
I just realized that there is two yellows!
Lata Rajat
Lata Rajat 9 дней назад
Any one knows 😅😅😅how to Hypnotize a Pomeranian dog? Please tell me in reply. Because my Pomeranian dog is very naughty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
fnaf good chanel lol Garcia Santiago
fnaf good chanel lol Garcia Santiago 9 дней назад
What will xxentacion say suiside
zadan gamer
zadan gamer 10 дней назад
Only legends know in starting blue kill yellow imposter then blue kill yellow crewmate how possible two yellow in game plese read comment
cobayo :v
cobayo :v 10 дней назад
0:06 yellow dies here but in 1:00 he is Alive and die again
Aberrant Lore
Aberrant Lore 10 дней назад
Unbreathing Rage noob
Unbreathing Rage noob 10 дней назад
Blue with mind controling thing: subscribe.... Me: unsubscribing
Mat yon ツ
Mat yon ツ 10 дней назад
*0:04** Blue kill Yellow.* *1:00** Blue kill Yellow again.* *Bruh EPIC FAIL*
VOVANN2010 11 дней назад
Here 2 yellow lol
Pump but gamer
Pump but gamer 11 дней назад
0:10 he just killed his own teammate wow
A Good Avocado :D
A Good Avocado :D 11 дней назад
Orange has big brain
Odusseas Dimitriadis
Odusseas Dimitriadis 11 дней назад
Btw yellow was he's teammate
UN KNOWN 11 дней назад
So no one is gonna talk about how yellow appeared 2 times
The Judge Of Nothing
The Judge Of Nothing 11 дней назад
Yellow is a zombie He was killed during into Then he walked into lava *hes majic*
h h
h h 12 дней назад
I have sub already subscribed to you you don't need to kill me in among us or hypnotize me
Adrian The Pro
Adrian The Pro 12 дней назад
that was funny his teaching them to die XD
Mohammed Ishahaque
Mohammed Ishahaque 13 дней назад
He hypnotised yellow twice
Cede De Vera
Cede De Vera 13 дней назад
2 yellow
アイゼンツ 13 дней назад
E / -16
gffv fffv
gffv fffv 13 дней назад
Otto Hasselberger
Otto Hasselberger 13 дней назад
I am not able to be hypnotized even by the best hypnotists.
Otto Hasselberger
Otto Hasselberger 11 дней назад
I was Orange!
CorruptPup 404
CorruptPup 404 11 дней назад
Wait, really? prove it
Muzamilazan Muzamilazan
Muzamilazan Muzamilazan 13 дней назад
Yes I don't need to hipnotize me I subscribed ;)
Muzamilazan Muzamilazan
Muzamilazan Muzamilazan 13 дней назад
Lol 😂😂😂😂 orange is Soo fine is then inpostors 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Orange: look to my mirror Blue:no look to my watch Blue; aaaa shit
Aarav Dahiya Studio
Aarav Dahiya Studio 13 дней назад
I got hippnotized to subscribe
Elijah Gamer
Elijah Gamer 13 дней назад
Orange was so big brain at the end and at the VERY end the imposter is trying to mind control us to subcribe and it is so funny
Elijah Gamer
Elijah Gamer 13 дней назад
and I am already subcribed so no mind controlling for me
A. Telmuun
A. Telmuun 13 дней назад
Flash I wanna ask u 1 thing what is ur animation maker app?
Zektro Gaming
Zektro Gaming 13 дней назад
Yellow is Impostor And Crewmate
Starious 14 дней назад
Who noticed at 1.02 that blue killed yellow 0.00 blue killed yellow as the imposter
Rasheed Ahmed
Rasheed Ahmed 14 дней назад
No no
チリンビルダー ChillinBuilder
チリンビルダー ChillinBuilder 14 дней назад
log: e
Alex Garcia Redondo
Alex Garcia Redondo 14 дней назад
0:53 yellow revives XD
Welo 14 дней назад
0:54 am, it's yellow? He died, no?)
CrunchyCrusader 15 дней назад
ngl i felt like unsubbing when i saw the Subscribe screen lol
valpia_playz combo attacked
valpia_playz combo attacked 15 дней назад
You control me to subscibe you make more mind control video pls😳😳😳
Veszprémi Réka
Veszprémi Réka 15 дней назад
Nooo this thing is horrifying
Pierre nathan magpantay
Pierre nathan magpantay 16 дней назад
i can't do
Toy_Withered_Bonnie 16 дней назад
Reading: -18 Log: *E*
Zander Limberakis
Zander Limberakis 16 дней назад
Wait, I think he mind controlled us in the past, because when I went to subscribe I realized I already was!
Μάρω Φιλιππή
Μάρω Φιλιππή 16 дней назад
1:37/1:45 Blue killed himself! Worst animate, bruh!
hanh nguyen
hanh nguyen 16 дней назад
Blue killed yellow But why yellow life He have 2 life
Me llamo Teresa la mexicana
Thuy Bui
Thuy Bui 17 дней назад
blue hack game
marabu tamilan
marabu tamilan 18 дней назад
1.34 twist of the indian country 😂😉
Allison Marquez
Allison Marquez 18 дней назад
Lo de el reloj me gustó mucho y el final también✌️👌👍
kaxa labadze
kaxa labadze 18 дней назад
Jesus Barrera
Jesus Barrera 19 дней назад
last sabotage
Jason Sidlovsky
Jason Sidlovsky 19 дней назад
What’s e -18
Snipercut 19 дней назад
*Soo that's who the monster is in bird box*
shadowyxd bruh
shadowyxd bruh 19 дней назад
0:02 1:00 Yellow was an yellow 1 yellow remain
DaCoolBoy 2
DaCoolBoy 2 19 дней назад
1:34 Orange:Uno reverse card
Joao Batista Neves
Joao Batista Neves 19 дней назад
why I don’t subscribe to the channel, I’m so lazy that I’m immune to hypnosis kkkkkkk LOL Edit: seriously, I'm too lazy!
chomik :D
chomik :D 19 дней назад
1:18 Speed 0.25
Nightmare god sans bruh
Nightmare god sans bruh 19 дней назад
Fat red
Jabin Christon Mado
Jabin Christon Mado 20 дней назад
didn't he already hypnotize and kill yellow? and wasn't yellow his teammate? 0:00 0:56
Ezaan Omg
Ezaan Omg 21 день назад
How its gonna work
Among Us
Among Us 21 день назад
Tomara jaduse subscribe nehi hoga
Mirek DP
Mirek DP 21 день назад
Un amarillo era su compañero impostor y otro el que se tira a la lava
Ana Célia Lopes
Ana Célia Lopes 22 дня назад
Ana Célia Lopes
Ana Célia Lopes 22 дня назад
2 Yellow
Apolonia Zejer
Apolonia Zejer 22 дня назад
1:32 orange: Imma about to end this mans whole carrer
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