Portal Guns in Among Us

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Flash in Rahul

Месяц назад

Flash in Rahul
Flash in Rahul Месяц назад
Surprisingly, this took a lot more time to make than I thought it would.
Austin Chang
Austin Chang 2 дня назад
ADRIJA DEY 16 дней назад
Are u Indian
M Black
M Black 21 день назад
The red bird
The red bird 21 день назад
LeMoN 28 дней назад
@Olga B Wut
DuhDiamond Z
DuhDiamond Z 5 часов назад
at the "I've got an idea" part, I thought he was gonna shoot a portal at the moon and shoot another one at the ground to have everything start being sucked in by the vacuum (especially since it happened right after seeing the crewmate fly into the sky), as this is a portal 2 ending reference.
DuhDiamond Z
DuhDiamond Z 5 часов назад
1:53 everyone who's played portal 2 can relate.
Nanci Gabriela Cauich Huchin
Nanci Gabriela Cauich Huchin 13 часов назад
Mustafa Emir ELMALI
Mustafa Emir ELMALI 14 часов назад
0:35 | gun's be like
NiB N0ob
NiB N0ob День назад
The imposter: I have a plan The plan: jumping into lava
Ishaan Sheth
Ishaan Sheth 2 дня назад
bruh make second part of this plz
Marcus Johann Santos
Marcus Johann Santos 2 дня назад
yellow is going to brazil 1:06
Layla Doss
Layla Doss 2 дня назад
White suss
Lesly Ortiz
Lesly Ortiz 2 дня назад
Funny like white fall off in the lava
Johana Pramana
Johana Pramana 3 дня назад
And remember kids don't play with portal guns
Fernando Lerma Álvarez Lerma Álvarez
Fernando Lerma Álvarez Lerma Álvarez 3 дня назад
Mehmet Eren İnce
Mehmet Eren İnce 3 дня назад
1:53 NOO!! 70 billion dollars
Yzzar kenric V. Aguisando
Yzzar kenric V. Aguisando 4 дня назад
I used that thing a million times in supreme dualist
Christopher Earth
Christopher Earth 4 дня назад
He wasn't even murdering, he was just messing around with portals. Personally, I would too.
Mohammad AlHamad
Mohammad AlHamad 5 дней назад
1:39 what happens when u have too much fun with portals
M. Rasyidi
M. Rasyidi 6 дней назад
M. Rasyidi
M. Rasyidi 6 дней назад
JAHAR LAL BASAK 6 дней назад
JAHAR LAL BASAK 6 дней назад
Luciene Rocha
Luciene Rocha 7 дней назад
White was an impostor
Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh 9 дней назад
Milk Straw
Milk Straw 10 дней назад
Plot twist Chell is the imposter
Susan Lumabi
Susan Lumabi 11 дней назад
What you are move the portal to the lava
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate 11 дней назад
King Pog III
King Pog III 11 дней назад
The portal wont work because it needs to be shot on a special surface
Johnathon Tillery
Johnathon Tillery 12 дней назад
i like the ending
Nour Fakih
Nour Fakih 12 дней назад
White is falling from the sky and he noticed that he will land on lava then he puts a portal in the lava the when he was landing he missed and fall in lava LOL XD that was REALLY funny 😂🤣
AutumnWolf 074
AutumnWolf 074 12 дней назад
My two favourite games combined!
Ramisha Binte Islam
Ramisha Binte Islam 13 дней назад
These are just like vents
Itz blaze gaming
Itz blaze gaming 13 дней назад
1:07 B R A Z I L
Eshan The autism spectrum
Eshan The autism spectrum 14 дней назад
1:50 when white miss
Roblox Gamerboy
Roblox Gamerboy 14 дней назад
Im not a big fan of among us even good animation
Sofia Cuciureanu
Sofia Cuciureanu 16 дней назад
Îmi place foarte mult decât impostorii
KirbyFan87 17 дней назад
1:52 It was at this moment that White knew: He f*cked up
DaCoolBoy 2
DaCoolBoy 2 19 дней назад
0:41 Oof orange... oof :(
Giordi Balbin
Giordi Balbin 19 дней назад
lava the among us
Fawaz Beshir Ali
Fawaz Beshir Ali 19 дней назад
Caroline Hall
Caroline Hall 20 дней назад
0:22 White can kill orange right there. Also white “Let’s get creative.”
СamТastic Gaming
СamТastic Gaming 20 дней назад
0:35 animation error watch the gun
Sonic Gaming 9792
Sonic Gaming 9792 20 дней назад
GLados would be proud
Fiorentine Hwan
Fiorentine Hwan 22 дня назад
Yellow (beautiful moring)
Fighter EX
Fighter EX 24 дня назад
it is a pity that brown is not in the animation :(
Otso Räty
Otso Räty 24 дня назад
Good video
Emeliana Paullinaningrum
Emeliana Paullinaningrum 24 дня назад
0:57 why you not use error?(error green scene)
Fatih Sultan
Fatih Sultan 24 дня назад
How much time it takes and do u draw every frame or do u just move it?i also try to animate it took 3 months still i didn't finish it eve its shorter than this also very bad but i draw every frame i want an app that can move something also you do this animations at very short time
Jaydeep Dey
Jaydeep Dey 25 дней назад
Bruh the last part was always a bad idea for the imposter ha
Reach Team u.p
Reach Team u.p 25 дней назад
1:51 😂😂😂😂😂😂
BeggarskipGreen 25 дней назад
white has been suspect
Kaanthat Chayaphan
Kaanthat Chayaphan 25 дней назад
0:34 Portal gun glitched
XxelhansxX 25 дней назад
There was a error with the portal gun in 0:36
Binar 11 Dominick stepen
Binar 11 Dominick stepen 25 дней назад
Carmelle Thibodeau
Carmelle Thibodeau 25 дней назад
0:35 wut?
danya __
danya __ 25 дней назад
you killed my favourite colour ;_; poor orange
fansofeveryone 25 дней назад
Neel Blox
Neel Blox 25 дней назад
What is the app u use to draw wow
Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh 25 дней назад
xElectric 26 дней назад
Dumb Mistake, lol
Hamza / LOUÑÁŚ DZ,YT 26 дней назад
Gaming Flamers
Gaming Flamers 26 дней назад
Terraria portal gun
Reena Jangid
Reena Jangid 26 дней назад
Yeah i like long animations
Prajjwal 26 дней назад
Don't forget, credit of Portal Gun Idea goes to the game, *Stickman Duelist*!
HROBRINE 27 дней назад
Ryan Ziemer
Ryan Ziemer 27 дней назад
Blood just blood in your body
Chezvi YT
Chezvi YT 28 дней назад
Bien Legaspi
Bien Legaspi 28 дней назад
Animated John peek Animated John
Animated John peek Animated John 28 дней назад
BlueshiDX Deluxe
BlueshiDX Deluxe 28 дней назад
Poor Yellow
Fire Sg
Fire Sg 28 дней назад
0:36 Glitch: *your Teleporter is being deleted by the developer*
Pedro6 Duarte
Pedro6 Duarte 28 дней назад
Elif Akhan
Elif Akhan 28 дней назад
Took and wtihe lol
MAX 346
MAX 346 28 дней назад
nobody: white: litle brain moment xd
Leticia quinonez
Leticia quinonez 28 дней назад
YourEverydayPansage 28 дней назад
Fun ride though.
DJ Yeet!!!
DJ Yeet!!! 28 дней назад
My life is now complete
reca adams
reca adams 28 дней назад
Ab3 C0d3man
Ab3 C0d3man 28 дней назад
Dude! U must make cartoon about skyrim shouts! Plz, make it! I wanna see fus ro dah in among us! It will be funny!
DyingLight Fanboy
DyingLight Fanboy 28 дней назад
Oh I got a idea then white dies what was the idea nobody knows
Brenda Hernández
Brenda Hernández 28 дней назад
Tus vídeos son lo mejor
Zhen Kelly
Zhen Kelly 28 дней назад
Николай Сергучик
Николай Сергучик 28 дней назад
RIP impostor🤣🤣🤣
Николай Сергучик
Николай Сергучик 28 дней назад
Lol portal 2 in among us
Ertuğ Özdemir
Ertuğ Özdemir 28 дней назад
CJ 28 дней назад
I loved the ending XD
Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!
Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more! 29 дней назад
Nice animation! This one is the best
Raymund Catli
Raymund Catli 29 дней назад
Arihant Dhoble
Arihant Dhoble 29 дней назад
I am very happy because crewmate wen😍😍😘😘
patymsk 29 дней назад
This was not an real was not an shot in lava Your suck you was not an real creator
Manuelito ZL
Manuelito ZL 29 дней назад
Cool and funny animation
Carlos Auer
Carlos Auer 29 дней назад
1:38 Congratulations. The test is now over. All Aperture technologies remain safely operational up to 4000 degrees Lelvin.
Eclipse The Cat
Eclipse The Cat 29 дней назад
Bessie Bell
Bessie Bell 29 дней назад
Roblox lag be like: 0:54
LonelyME Channel
LonelyME Channel 29 дней назад
Orange fake task 😂 lol
weather leaf
weather leaf 29 дней назад
0:56 my brain:*good part Giorno Giovanna theme starts playing* Me: Wha- Wha- Wha-
Ranimkawaii :3
Ranimkawaii :3 29 дней назад
Ahmet king
Ahmet king 29 дней назад
CyberTeam FF
CyberTeam FF 29 дней назад
0:35 to 0:37 . He did mistake to draw the gun
Truc Tran
Truc Tran 29 дней назад
so funny
Daniel 29 дней назад
White is boring
ergün başdoğan
ergün başdoğan 29 дней назад
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